Lille aux Mariages Team

Quentin & Willy

Capture the moment, to revive the emotion

A passion for image.

Because it is in the memory that things take their true place, we participate in the realization of our films, freeze these moments of happiness. Because it is a rare opportunity to combine family, friends and love in one day, that we aspire to anchor this memory to allow you to relive these emotions lived tomorrow as in twenty years.

Create something that affects you

Transmit emotions experienced.

We love real emotions. Not only those of a couple, but also those of everyone around them. Succeed in touching people. Beyond filming an event, it is also capturing moments for an instant lived emotion and to make feel these sensations by the synergy of the image, the music and the voice.

Anthony et Patricia pendant la cérémonie
Mariage de Patricia et Anthony
Artistic direction for a cinematic result

Keep our artistic imprint.

As professionals in audiovisual creation, we have an artistic eye that makes us unique. Whether during filming, editing, we keep the attention to detail essential to achieve an authentic film, which looks like you. We also work in higher schools to transmit this rigor to young students.